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Last night’s dream was strange. There was a bike ride (and I think I fell off... again) and that the actors and the cast of Merlin were there (this probably because I sent myself to sleep by wandering around Merlin-land where all drama is not mine).

There was something to do with secrets on a research base in Antarctica. The man in charge of it, and the narrator of my dream, recognised each other, but I don’t know from where. For some reason Merlin and I had to infiltrate the place, in disguise. This make marginally more sense than the cast of Merlin on a Moulton bicycle ride. (The ride was much larger than ones I’m used to, and Bradford was deep in snow. Oh, yes, and then a giant panda erupted out of the snow and catapulted me into Merlin-land, rather than the rest of the cast of Merlin into me-land.

There was also something very, very strange to do with escaping a castle that was in a river or a lake, but the sunset behind it and two clouds of smoke made it look like some horrible face was glaring at us over it, and the face kept expanding, because of the pattern of the smoke and the shape of the clouds, like it was oozing out of the castle and getting nearer. That was grim.

I’m trying to remember other stuff, too, but it’s not really flowing.

I think I married Merlin (for Plot Device reasons... yeah my dreams have plot devices) while on the base in Antarctica. Because otherwise he was going to be mind-wiped for knowing too much about whatever was going on down there in Antarctica. (Still, marrying Merlin. Not a bad plan, brain.)

Oh, and then I had to dress up in Business Clothes and kick the executive asses of a load of conservative old company men. That was fun. And then we had to go rescue Arthur.

There was also something to do with three women – one in purple, one in red and one in orange, elaborate shimmering dresses, and wearing masks – riding through the countryside asking people odd questions to do with love and loss. But they only did it to certain people, and they did ask me. Which was strange, because that bit was (random of randoms) in my home village.

There were a few other random bits and pieces, like someone commenting on Arthur dressing up in a curtain as a child, and something to do with candles, and then I flew somewhere. But y’know. Dreams. Who can say?
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