Sep. 23rd, 2013

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...and I can't believe how much different my life is from the last time I posted. 

Seriously. Last post dealt with the immediate aftermath of a break-up for which I felt guilty for not doing sooner, but had been guilt-tripped into staying into a relationship with an emotionally abusive, depression-denying stalker. Except I didn't find out that he'd been stalking me until long after we'd broken up, at which point I promptly returned to counselling because I realised that there were many things I couldn't handle, and that was one of them.

Since several months after what I shall now refer to as 'the Dark Times', I have been with a truly wonderful, wonderful guy, we've lived together for a couple of years now (actually: we lived together before we got together, by two weeks) and he's just so kind and sensible and caring and funny and yes, I really can't believe how consistently happy I am these days. So I'm glad I logged back into DreamWidth because I am now so immensely grateful and happy for how far my life has come and how much healthier I am mentally. Growing up is nice. :')

Also I now have two degrees, and my life is in a different place on so many levels. And it's good. 

Aside from the stinking cold I seem to have picked up from somewhere. Eurgh, it's probably freshers' flu. Bloody students. Cardiff is so lovely and clean and quiet without them...
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 So... the internet is confusing me today. What's the difference between OpenID and cross-posting?


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