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Oh my God.

Over the last three days I've done fourteen hours of auditions (and auditioning people is exhausting!), twelve hours of rehearsals, an hour-long casting meeting, and absolutely no work for my course. And not enough time spent eating or sleeping. I was in the same lecture theatre for TWELVE HOURS on Saturday.

And you know what? I might be absolutely shattered, but I'm an elated and excited bunny. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a phenomenally talented cast and I've had an offer of a friend to be my minion. Pretty much the only way I could be happier would be if I had someone to hug right now, because I am so very tired I could do with some TLC.

ANYWAY. Shiver is cast, Shiver is crewed, and now I get to plunge us into rehearsals.

I am so excited.

I am so very looking forward to sleep.

How are you today? I missed the entirety of everyone else's weekend because I was smothered in Act One. I hope you are all well. Love and smooches xxxxxxxxx

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Date: 2010-02-23 09:23 am (UTC)
shanaqui: Castiel from Supernatural, bloody-faced. ((Castiel) Totum tibi subdo me)
From: [personal profile] shanaqui
I hope you slept well! I had a singularly unproductive weekend, although I did sign the contract on my new house yesterday morning, which did give productivity a small boost.


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