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I feel a bit bad for not updating more (LJ or DW).

Today there has been a lot of talks (and the cuteness and angst that come with DMCs) with [info - personal] shanaqui, and absolutely no settling down to write, as I had intended, but that's okay - I recorded a couple of plot points for 'Passion', and thought of a couple more shortfics I could do, so that's okay.

Very, very strange things happened in my dream last night, including Extreme Sexual Tension with someone completely surprising and inappropriate (because of the capacity in which I met him). It was extremely strange. And there were weird intrigues and strange wars and it was kind of unsettling, but I can't remember much of it.

And a couple of my friends have been incomprehensibly difficult lately. I'm not sure whether I should tell them that they're driving me crazy, and how and why, or not. I feel like that would make me selfish, or a bad person somehow. (Piers tells me off for this, and tells me it's behavioural conditioning from bad times that I should ignore and try to get over.)

If I go below the surface, so many things are worrying me, but I refuse to acknowledge them. Or things would be upsetting and angering me, if I thought about them. Maybe I ought to, I don't know. I'm getting so cross with a couple of people lately, and I want them to leave me alone, and I feel so unfair asking that because I don't even think they realise why I'm fed up.

But I've been told to stop and examine every time I feel like I'm being selfish, and work out whether I am actually being selfish or whether it's just a point where someone would previously have told me that I'm being selfish in order to shut me up.

I'll ponder it some more, but not for too long, because I don't want to give myself frustrating dreams. Having said that, I've spent so much time on TVTropes today I'm probably destined for trope-soup dreams anyway.
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Today, I tidied and cleaned three rooms of our flat (because Nikki's sister, Simone, has come to stay) and I sorted out all the erroneous junk (700+ messages, 150 of which were unread) in my e-mail inbox. There are now no unread messages, and all read messages have been archived. Whee.

I also slept far too late after Piers left, worked on re-writing a story, and had a long discussion with Dom about evolutionary biology. It was fun times.

Sean came over to Flan again today. He even helped us in our obsessive cleaning frenzy, bless him. And helped us wield our rubbish bags out onto the pavement, where we pray that Cardiff council workers (who are rubbish collectors in all senses of the phrase) will take them away soon. SOON.

Anyway, it's pretty late and I'm listening to my 'Lullabies' playlist, which indicates to me that it's time I should be tucked up in my bed.

I meant to start sorting my sleeping patterns out today, but I don't seem to be having much luck with that, huh.

Ah well. It's nice to have some time in which I can do pretty much whatever I like. Holidays are looovely. So is [personal profile] shanaqui :D

And now, to sleep, perchance to misquote the Bard. Good times.

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Watching Due South with [personal profile] shanaqui and Jamie. They like to put the leading man in either red clothes, or leather ones. I am not complaining.

I really ought to post to DW more. I pondered whether I should post synaesthesic rambles here, I've been thinking of recording them for a while.

Oh Lord, there's some form of trope-subverting anti-James-Bond-esque sledge-and-huskies chase going on on-screen. Good times.

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So [personal profile] shanaqui soundly berated me for not having updated either my Dreamwidth account or the Dreamwidth
[community profile] readheightetc . In my defense, I have been very busy.

So, hi hon, I'm getting on it now. Though I don't exactly have much to say :P 
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DreamWidth is a synaesthesically pleasing name. It's layered red, pale gold and rich brown, like ploughed soil under autumn trees.

I haven't really got alll that much to say at the moment, except that I'm promptly going to post on here: mine and [personal profile] shanaqui's challenge comm, for mad challenges like our current quest, which is to read our own heights in books by February 1st next year.