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...and I can't believe how much different my life is from the last time I posted. 

Seriously. Last post dealt with the immediate aftermath of a break-up for which I felt guilty for not doing sooner, but had been guilt-tripped into staying into a relationship with an emotionally abusive, depression-denying stalker. Except I didn't find out that he'd been stalking me until long after we'd broken up, at which point I promptly returned to counselling because I realised that there were many things I couldn't handle, and that was one of them.

Since several months after what I shall now refer to as 'the Dark Times', I have been with a truly wonderful, wonderful guy, we've lived together for a couple of years now (actually: we lived together before we got together, by two weeks) and he's just so kind and sensible and caring and funny and yes, I really can't believe how consistently happy I am these days. So I'm glad I logged back into DreamWidth because I am now so immensely grateful and happy for how far my life has come and how much healthier I am mentally. Growing up is nice. :')

Also I now have two degrees, and my life is in a different place on so many levels. And it's good. 

Aside from the stinking cold I seem to have picked up from somewhere. Eurgh, it's probably freshers' flu. Bloody students. Cardiff is so lovely and clean and quiet without them...
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I'm really not sure why I'm still awake.

I'm having a very productive week, from the essay-writing point of view: three first drafts in four days, comprising 5700 words. There's a minor issue there in that my total word count should have been 5200 and two of my essays are over the wordcount already and incomplete, but that is the next issue on the agenda.

I wrote 2300 words today, an entire first draft of an extremely difficult essay. And I am still awake, even though I've been exhausted since 8pm and slept terribly for the last few nights, which I am going to chalk up to a combination of brain-overactiveness and adjusting, once again, to sleeping without Matt. I miss the days when we lived together.

Argh, I have pretty much nothing to say through sheer brain-wiped-out-ness, and yet I still cannot go to sleep. Fail.

Anyway. It gave me the opportunity to update for the first time in an age, even if it was just boring splurging.

Now I'm going to get back into bed and sulk at my brain until it lets me sleep. Probably.
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Oh my God.

Over the last three days I've done fourteen hours of auditions (and auditioning people is exhausting!), twelve hours of rehearsals, an hour-long casting meeting, and absolutely no work for my course. And not enough time spent eating or sleeping. I was in the same lecture theatre for TWELVE HOURS on Saturday.

And you know what? I might be absolutely shattered, but I'm an elated and excited bunny. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a phenomenally talented cast and I've had an offer of a friend to be my minion. Pretty much the only way I could be happier would be if I had someone to hug right now, because I am so very tired I could do with some TLC.

ANYWAY. Shiver is cast, Shiver is crewed, and now I get to plunge us into rehearsals.

I am so excited.

I am so very looking forward to sleep.

How are you today? I missed the entirety of everyone else's weekend because I was smothered in Act One. I hope you are all well. Love and smooches xxxxxxxxx


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